The Scribe Tribe is a training program that equips future writers with all of the essentials to write, self-publish, market and sell books.  I share directly from my experiences on what has worked and what has not from my journey of authoring and/or contributing to 6 published books.

The Scribe Tribe is broken into 4 sessions that cover: The Writing Process, Editing Like A Pro, Self-Publishing & Marketing and Selling.  The Scribes also receive access to my network and resource vault to aid in their journey toward becoming a successful, published author.

Students who complete The Scribe Tribe will go on to finally finish manuscripts that they have been trying to churn out for years. Ultimately, those manuscripts are published and become a source for residual income and other opportunities.

What's included?

5 Videos
1 Text
4 Presentations
Kristen R. Harris
Kristen R. Harris

Meet The Instructor

Kristen R. Harris has authored and published 6 books She now uses her knowledge to help others get their books to print. 

Kristen believes that all woman are pregnant with purpose but many don't know how to push the baby out. She has been called to serve as a midwife to the masses. She can help you birth your purpose, too!

It's time to finally write and publish that book that you have been dreaming about for years!

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